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Stockton Record: Justice for loved ones: Survivors Speak program helps victims unpack trauma and heal

Jessica Salcedo was a day from turning 25 when she was found dead at a vehicle repair shop in south Stockton. On July 2, 2016, the mother of two had made plans to meet someone about some money that was owed. She never returned home. Police found her body the next day. That is all …

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Al Jazeera: Can a new victims advocacy movement break cycles of violence?

While traditional victims’ advocates have aligned themselves with law enforcement, maintaining that justice should come in the form of harsh punishment of offenders, this new movement has more in common with criminal justice reformers seeking alternatives to tough sentencing policies. Grounded in research that establishes clear links between early exposure to violence and self-destructive patterns, …

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Black Wounds Matter

The idea of mobilizing crime survivors for criminal-justice reform may sound obvious, but it’s not—or, at least, it hasn’t been. Lenore Anderson, the executive director of Californians for Safety and Justice, once worked at the district attorney’s office in San Francisco. There, she said, “I experienced communities under siege from violence—from cycles of violence—where there …

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