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Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice has chapters and members of survivors from across Michigan — from Pontiac to East Lansing, Detroit and beyond. We bring together survivors from communities most impacted by crime and violence to heal and to elevate our voices in support of smart justice policies that can make the state’s communities safer.

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2021 Policy Agenda

Crime survivors in Michigan are advocating for policy changes that can make the state safer by increasing support for crime victims and prioritizing rehabilitation to stop the cycle of crime. Specifically, survivors are advocating for reforms to the state’s probation system that reduce recidivism, as well as employment protections for victims in the aftermath of a crime.

Read the Safer Michigan Act here.

Expand Access and Support for Victims

Extend the state’s victim compensation program to cover all victims of crime and their household, as well as broaden support to cover costs like loss of tuition, transportation, job training and vocational rehab. 

Change Time Limits

Eliminate reporting time limits and extending the time frame to file a victim compensation application from one to five years. 

Expand Housing Protections

Extend lease termination protection to all witnesses and survivors of violence, including their family members.

Expand Employment Protections

Expand paid medical leave protections to all crime survivors and witnesses, as well as changing the definition of “family member” to include someone who lives with the eligible employee and who has a familial relationship. 

Implement and Fund Trauma Recovery Centers

Work with the Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission to allocate funding towards launching TRCs in underserved communities, and providing critical services that end cycles of victimization. 

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To fill the gap in knowledge about victims’ experiences and needs, the Alliance for Safety and Justice in 2018 conducted the first-ever survey of Michigan crime survivors. The results demonstrate the importance of listening to the first-hand experiences of these key public safety stakeholders.


As efforts to reform the criminal justice system grow nationwide, it has never been more important to envision new approaches to safety and justice that meet the needs of crime victims, especially those that are most harmed and least helped. Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice represents 46,000 survivors from across the country and regularly surveys representative groups of survivors to understand their needs. In our National Victims Agenda, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice offers policymakers a plan to address the needs of diverse survivors of crime and stop the cycle.


Use this link to apply for victim compensation.

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