It’s Time Victim Services Served Those Most Affected By Crime

In our work with crime survivors in California, we have encountered countless small nonprofits working on the frontlines of violence in their communities. Often started by a victim of crime, these grassroots groups know their target populations intimately, as well as their risk factors and needs. Even small investments in their work will have a tremendous impact in linking more survivors to the services that can help them to recover and avoid future harm. That is why we and partners in California—and beyond—will be advocating that the federal government ensure that a small percentage of the new VOCA fund go to community nonprofits working with and on behalf of survivors, especially those in communities of color. I know first hand that victim services never reached the families of my friends who were killed by violence. That sad fact drives my work to change outcomes for other individuals and families affected by crime, not just as a better response to crime but also a strategy to prevent it.

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