COVID-19 Response

Dear Community Member, From my heart and from everyone on the Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice team, we hope you are managing well in the face of the many stressors and uncertainties brought by COVID-19. Please know that we are here for you and our priority is to support our communities. There are several ways to keep yourself and others healthy. The CDC has important tips here. In challenging times, we as survivors have created community to engage with one another and heal through action. We have held one another through the most difficult of times before, and we must continue to do this. Above all, we will continue to demand direct and trauma-informed responses and policies to protect our communities. We are continuing to organize in healthy and safe ways to ensure our communities have the resources and support needed to be safe. Please access the resources on this page, join our Advocacy Care Team (ACT), and register for our virtual Survivors Speak.  CSSJ will continue to keep you updated on our upcoming programs and events, and how you can participate and play a leading role.

In community and resilience, Aswad Thomas Managing Director Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice

Now more than ever, we must support one another. 

That’s why we’re creating our Advocacy for Care Team (ACT). ACT is our volunteer network to help regularly check in with our fellow members through phone calls, texts or other virtual outreach. We want to be sources of connection for people, provide important information about resources, and support one another while so many of us are experiencing anxiety, isolation, and vulnerability.

If you’ve been looking for a way to help support your community, then we hope you’ll join ACT.


National Crime Victims Rights Week 2020

Traditionally held each year during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Survivors Speak has transformed from an annual event into a year-long movement, bringing together crime survivors, particularly from communities most affected by crime, to honor loved ones and advocate for smart justice policies that transform families, communities and the state.

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