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Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice has chapters and survivor-members from across Michigan—from Detroit and Lansing to Pontiac and beyond. We bring together survivors from communities most impacted by crime and violence to heal and to elevate our voices in support of smart justice policies that can make Michigan communities safer.

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CSSJ Michigan Storytelling Campaign (Submit A Video)

Submit your crime survivor story. During the video, please share if you received any help from the state’s victim compensation program.

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2023-24 Policy Agenda

Crime survivors in Michigan are advocating for the Safer Michigan Act, which includes new policies that would make the state safer prioritizing rehabilitation.

Productivity Credits (HB 4450-53): These anti-crime bills increase participation in rehabilitation programs, like workforce development, for eligible incarcerated people who will eventually be released by using productivity credit incentives. Preparing people to be job-ready and successfully return to their communities is a proven approach to reduce recidivism and help stop cycles of crime.

Productivity credits to incentivize rehabilitation have been supported by crime survivors across the state. Eight in 10 Michigan crime victims support reducing prison sentences, and three out of four believe rehabilitation, and drug and mental health treatment are more effective at preventing future crime.

The federal system and over 30 states currently offer similar incentives for incarcerated people, and have seen a reduction in recidivism. A 2021 report found that states like Minnesota and Ohio have seen an up to 20 percent drop in recidivism for people who participated in a college degree program during their sentence. The report was co-authored by former American Correctional Association President, Gary Mohr, and former corrections chief for the state of Iowa, Maryland, and South Carolina, Gary Maynard.

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To fill the gap in knowledge about victims’ experiences and needs, the Alliance for Safety and Justice in 2018 conducted the first-ever survey of Michigan crime survivors. The results demonstrate the importance of listening to the first-hand experiences of these key public safety stakeholders.


A ten-point plan to address the needs of our nation’s diverse victims of crime.


Use this link to apply for victim compensation.

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