Robert Rooks

Robert is a seasoned criminal justice organizer, campaigner and expert who over the last two decades has achieved landmark wins in multiple states, working to advance solutions to criminal justice problems through sentencing reform, crime victim advocacy and advancing new safety priorities. Robert previously served as Californians for Safety and Justice’s Organizing Director and the Organizing Director for the Yes on Prop. 47 campaign, a statewide ballot initiative to reduce incarceration and re-allocate savings to drug treatment, K-12 programming and victim services. Robert also previously served as the Criminal Justice Director for the NAACP. Robert was the founding director of the program and provided strategic direction, oversight and management of criminal justice activities. He was responsible for launching the “Misplaced Priorities – Educate Not Incarcerate” campaign, where he worked with Right on Crime to recruit conservatives to join NAACP’s efforts to reduce state prison populations. Robert served as an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work and St. Joseph’s College, and at Central Connecticut State University. Robert lives in Sacramento, California with his family.

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