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About #HealTheVote Campaign

America is one of the most traumatized nations in the world because of the violence experienced in communities. Crime victims know what can make our communities safer. Crime survivors across the country are uniting to #HealTheVote by getting 100,000 crime survivors to vote this election, and demand that public officials commit to a new, effective approach to public safety.

#HealTheVote is a non-partisan civic engagement and voter education campaign hosted by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. 

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Join thousands of survivors across the country to tell our stories, center our experiences, and demonstrate our power through voting.

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#HealTheVote Campaign Activities

Voter Mobilization Meetings: CSSJ chapters will incorporate campaign activities and voter education into chapter meetings

Voter Education & Registration: Identify and connect members to voter registration resources who need to register, update their registration or learn more about their state’s vote by mail opportunities, requirements, and rules to ensure our members know how to and are prepared to vote by mail. 

Voter Pledge: Get crime survivors to take the voter pledge. 

Issue Education and Outreach: Through SMS, social media, phone banking, digital events, and training provide issue education to members to encourage survivors to get to the polls and #HealTheVote.

In-State Heal the Vote Town Halls: We will bring together members and legislative champions in key states (CA, FL, IL, MI, OH, PA, TX) to dialogue on the issues our members care about most. 

Storytelling: Gather and share member stories via user-generated content to showcase the diversity of survivor experiences and increase engagement with the campaign across social channels. 

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Help mobilize crime survivors to vote.

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Sign on as a Partner Organization and join the #HealTheVote campaign to spread the message.

Attend events and trainings

Join our in-person and virtual events that are hosted by crime survivors and leaders across the country.

Share your story

We want to hear what voting means to you and who you’re pledging to #HealTheVote for this election season — it might be yourself, a loved one, or the ancestors that came before you.

To raise your voice, spread the word and activate more survivors to get to the polls, take a few minutes to record your own video. It might be shared on this site, on digital media or at virtual #HealTheVote events from now to November!

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Raise your voice, spread the word and activate more survivors to get to the polls.

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